Flat alterations at Marchmont


This Victorian flat was in need of substantial upgrading, and was remodelled to redefine each room. Walls, ceilings and new insertions (shower, storage) were added to articulate each space, and to define separate areas within rooms, to suit the intended use. Colour was an important element, highlighting new elements against a  more muted treatment of the existing fabric. The use of contrasts between old and new, subdued and intense, and orthogonal and angular has been a consistent device in many of the practice's renovations of older properties.

Location: Marchmont, Edinburgh
Exhibition “40 Under Forty” [1988]. Assessors Peter Cook, Robert Stern, Michael Hopkins. Venues RIBA Gallery, London, various US venues. Work published in exhibition catalogue
Prospect [Autumn 1989] no 38, pp44-45
UK Crown Berger Colour in the Built Environment award winner. (Judges Eva Jiricna, Edward Cullinan, Michael Wilford, Ben Kelly, Christine Hawley)
The Home Show [15 Feb 1996] Scottish Television
The Home Show magazine [Jun/Jul 1997], pp48-50 (article “Kitchens by Design”

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